• Routine Service of Process:  $70/party/address
  • Rush Service:  $85 (First Attempt within 24 hours)
  • Same Day Service:  $120 (First Attempt same day – within 6 hours when possible)
  • Mileage Fees will accrue at a rate of $1.50/Mile beyond 15 miles from Flagstaff city limits
  • Stakeout and Skip Tracing fees are $60/hour with a two hour minimum

Neither Surveillance (stakeouts) nor any work performed to locate an individual (skip tracing) will be performed outside the scope of Service of Process. All process to be served must be in my custody prior to the commencement of any skip tracing or other work.  Surveillance and skip tracing will only be performed with the end goal of timely, valid service of process.

Instruction Sheet, Click to Download


(If you have an Order of Protection or an Injunction Against Harassment to be served and you are not represented by a lawyer, you can arrange to meet in a public place to transfer the documents in lieu of emailing or mailing them to us.)